Version 5.x has been out of support since December 13, 2022, and this corresponding section of the documentation is no longer maintained. We strongly recommend upgrading to a supported version.

Authorize Interaction Response Generator


The IAuthorizeInteractionResponseGenerator interface models the logic for determining if user must login or consent when making requests to the authorization endpoint.

If a custom implementation of IAuthorizeInteractionResponseGenerator is desired, the it’s recommended to derive from the built-in AuthorizeInteractionResponseGenerator to inherit all the default logic pertaining to login and consent semantics.

IAuthorizeInteractionResponseGenerator APIs

  • ProcessInteractionAsync

    Returns the InteractionResponse based on the ValidatedAuthorizeRequest an and optional ConsentResponse if the user was shown a consent page.


  • IsLogin

    Specifies if the user must login.

  • IsConsent

    Specifies if the user must consent.

  • IsError

    Specifies if the user must be shown an error page.

  • Error

    The error to display on the error page.

  • ErrorDescription

    The description of the error to display on the error page.

  • IsRedirect

    Specifies if the user must be redirected to a custom page for custom processing.

  • RedirectUrl

    The URL for the redirect to the page for custom processing.