Response Generation


The IDynamicClientRegistrationResponseGenerator interface defines the contract for a service that generates dynamic client registration responses.

public interface IDynamicClientRegistrationResponseGenerator


name description
WriteBadRequestError(…) Writes a bad request error to the HTTP context.
WriteContentTypeError(…) Writes a content type error to the HTTP response.
WriteProcessingError(…) Writes a processing error to the HTTP context.
WriteResponse(…) Writes a response object to the HTTP context with the given status code.
WriteSuccessResponse(…) Writes a success response to the HTTP context.
WriteValidationError(…) Writes a validation error to the HTTP context.


The DynamicClientRegistrationResponseGenerator is the default implementation of the IDynamicClientRegistrationResponseGenerator. If you wish to customize a particular aspect of response generation, you can extend this class and override the appropriate methods. You can also set JSON serialization options by overriding its SerializerOptions property.


name description
SerializerOptions { get; set; } The options used for serializing json in responses.