DPoP Proof Validator


The IDPoPProofValidator interface is used to validate DPoP proof tokens submitted to IdentityServer. A default implementation is provided and can be overridden as necessary.

IDPoPProofValidator APIs

  • ValidateAsync

    Validates a DPoP proof token with the provided DPoPProofValidatonContext for the current request. Returns a DPoPProofValidatonResult object.


Models the information to validate a DPoP proof token request.

  • Client

    The Client making the request.

  • ProofToken

    The proof token sent with the request.


Models the result of a DPoP proof token validation.

  • IsError

    Flag to indicate if validation failed.

  • Error

    The error code if the validation failed.

  • ErrorDescription

    The error description if the validation failed.

  • JsonWebKey

    The serialized JWK from the validated DPoP proof token.

  • JsonWebKeyThumbprint

    The JWK thumbprint from the validated DPoP proof token.

  • Confirmation

    The ‘cnf’ value for the DPoP proof token.

  • Payload

    The payload values of the DPoP proof token.

  • TokenId

    The ‘jti’ value read from the payload.

  • Nonce

    The ’nonce’ value read from the payload.

  • IssuedAt

    The ‘iat’ value read from the payload.

  • ServerIssuedNonce

    The ’nonce’ value issued by the server that should be emitted on the response.