Server-Side Sessions

(added in 6.1)

The server-side sessions feature in Duende IdentityServer requires a store to persist a user’s session data.

Server-Side Session Store

The IServerSideSessionStore abstracts storing the server-side session data. ServerSideSession objects act as the storage entity, and provide several properties uses as metadata for the session. The Ticket property contains the actual serailized data used by the ASP.NET Cookie Authentication handler.

The methods on the IServerSideSessionStore are used to orchestrate the various management functions needed by the server-side sessions feature.

Registering a custom store

To register a custom server-side session store in the DI container, there is a AddServerSideSessionStore helper on the IIdentityServerBuilder. It is still necessary to call AddServerSideSessions to enable the server-side session feature. For example:


There is also an overloaded version of a AddServerSideSessions that will perform both registration steps in one call. For example:


EntityFramework store implementation

An EntityFramework Core implementation of the server-side session store is included in the Entity Framework Integration operational store.

When using the EntityFramework Core operational store, it will be necessary to indicate that server-side sessions need to be used with the call to the AddServerSideSessions fluent API. For example:

    .AddOperationalStore(options =>
       // ...