Backchannel Authentication Interaction Service


The IBackchannelAuthenticationInteractionService interface provides services for a user to access or complete a login requests for CIBA. It is available from the dependency injection system and would normally be injected as a constructor parameter into your MVC controllers for the user interface of IdentityServer.

IBackchannelAuthenticationInteractionService APIs

  • GetPendingLoginRequestsForCurrentUserAsync

    Returns a collection of BackchannelUserLoginRequest objects which represent pending login requests for the current user.

  • GetLoginRequestByInternalIdAsync

    Returns the BackchannelUserLoginRequest object for the id.

  • CompleteLoginRequestAsync

    Completes the login request with the provided CompleteBackchannelLoginRequest response for the current user or the subject passed.


Models the data needed for a user to complete a backchannel authentication request.

  • InternalId

    The internal store id for the request.

  • ScopesValuesConsented

    Gets or sets the scope values consented to. Setting any scopes grants the login request. Leaving the scopes null or empty denies the request.

  • Description

    Gets or sets the optional description to associate with the consent.

  • Subject

    The subject for which the completion is being made. This allows more claims to be associated with the request that was identified on the backchannel authentication request. If not provided, then the IUserSession service will be consulting to obtain the current subject.

  • SessionId

    The session id to associate with the completion request if the Subject is provided. If the Subject is not provided, then this property is ignored in favor of the session id provided by the IUserSession service.