Device Flow Interaction Service


The IDeviceFlowInteractionService interface is intended to provide services to be used by the user interface to communicate with Duende IdentityServer during device flow authorization. It is available from the dependency injection system and would normally be injected as a constructor parameter into your MVC controllers for the user interface of IdentityServer.

IDeviceFlowInteractionService APIs

  • GetAuthorizationContextAsync

    Returns the DeviceFlowAuthorizationRequest based on the userCode passed to the login or consent pages.

  • DeviceFlowInteractionResult

    Completes device authorization for the given userCode.


  • ClientId

    The client identifier that initiated the request.

  • ScopesRequested

    The scopes requested from the authorization request.


  • IsError

    Specifies if the authorization request errored.

  • ErrorDescription

    Error description upon failure.