Configuration Options


These options are configurable when using the Entity Framework Core for the configuration store:

You set the options at startup time in your AddConfigurationStore method:

var builder = services.AddIdentityServer()
    .AddConfigurationStore(options =>
        // configure options here..


Settings that affect the DbContext pooling feature of Entity Framework Core.

  • EnablePooling

    Gets or set if EF DbContext pooling is enabled. Defaults to false.

  • PoolSize

    Gets or set the pool size to use when DbContext pooling is enabled. If not set, the EF default is used.


Settings that affect the database schema and table names.

  • DefaultSchema

    Gets or sets the default schema. Defaults to null.

TableConfiguration settings for each individual table (schema and name) managed by this feature:

Identity Resource related tables:

  • IdentityResource
  • IdentityResourceClaim
  • IdentityResourceProperty

API Resource related tables:

  • ApiResource
  • ApiResourceSecret
  • ApiResourceScope
  • ApiResourceClaim
  • ApiResourceProperty

Client related tables:

  • Client
  • ClientGrantType
  • ClientRedirectUri
  • ClientPostLogoutRedirectUri
  • ClientScopes
  • ClientSecret
  • ClientClaim
  • ClientIdPRestriction
  • ClientCorsOrigin
  • ClientProperty

API Scope related tables:

  • ApiScope
  • ApiScopeClaim
  • ApiScopeProperty

Identity provider related tables:

  • IdentityProvider