OpenTelemetry with Aspire

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IdentityServer emits OpenTelemetry metcis, traces and logs (see here for more information). This sample uses .NET Aspire to display OpenTelemetry data. The solution contains an IdentityServer host, an API and a web client. The access token lifetime is set to a very small value to force frequent refresh token flows.

Running the sample requires the dotnet aspire workload to be installed with dotnet workload install aspire. Run the Aspire.AppHost project, it will automatically launch the other projects.

This sample is not intended to be a full Aspire sample, it simply uses Aspire as a local standalone tool for displaying traces, logs and metrics.

OpenTelemetry tracing

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IdentityServer emits OpenTelemetry traces for input validators, stores and response generators (see here for more information).

The sample shows how to setup Otel for console tracing.