API Resource


This class models an API.

  • Enabled

    Indicates if this resource is enabled and can be requested. Defaults to true.

  • Name

    The unique name of the API. This value is used for authentication with introspection and will be added to the audience of the outgoing access token.

  • DisplayName

    This value can be used e.g. on the consent screen.

  • Description

    This value can be used e.g. on the consent screen.

  • RequireResourceIndicator

    Indicates if this API resource requires the resource indicator to request it, and expects access tokens issued to it will only ever contain this API resource as the audience.

  • ApiSecrets

    The API secret is used for the introspection endpoint. The API can authenticate with introspection using the API name and secret.

  • AllowedAccessTokenSigningAlgorithms

    List of allowed signing algorithms for access token. If empty, will use the server default signing algorithm.

  • UserClaims

    List of associated user claim types that should be included in the access token.

  • Scopes

    List of API scope names. You need to create those using ApiScope.

Defining API resources in appsettings.json

The AddInMemoryApiResource extensions method also supports adding API resources from the ASP.NET Core configuration file::

"IdentityServer": {
    "IssuerUri": "urn:sso.company.com",
    "ApiResources": [
            "Name": "resource1",
            "DisplayName": "Resource #1",

            "Scopes": [
            "Name": "resource2",
            "DisplayName": "Resource #2",
            "UserClaims": [

            "Scopes": [

Then pass the configuration section to the AddInMemoryApiResource method: