Login Page

The login page is responsible for establishing the user’s authentication session. This requires a user to present credentials and typically involves these steps:

  • Provide the user with a page to allow them to enter credentials locally, use an external login provider, or use some other means of authenticating.
  • Start the session by creating the authentication session cookie in your IdentityServer.
  • If the login is client initiated, redirect the user back to the client.

When IdentityServer needs to show the login page, it redirects the user to a configurable LoginUrl.

builder.Services.AddIdentityServer(opt => {
    opt.UserInteraction.LoginUrl = "/path/to/login";

If no LoginUrl is set, IdentityServer will infer it from the LoginPath of your Cookie Authentication Handler. For example:

    .AddCookie("cookie-handler-with-custom-path", options => 
        options.LoginPath = "/path/to/login/from/cookie/handler";

If you are using ASP.NET Identity, configure its cookie authentication handler like this:


    .ConfigureApplicationCookie(options => 
        options.LoginPath = "/path/to/login/for/aspnet_identity";